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Hi Valentine,
Hope you had a great weekend!!
Any news on the long awaited WAITLIST APP ???
U_psate would be great :+1: _

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    Jun '20
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    Jun '20
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Mid June is when they said it would be out so it has to be sometime this week hopefully.

@Andyp1966 They said that but have since run out of the first lot of money. I can only assume that we will get this wait list tool when more funding has been secured.

But if they have run out of money and that’s the bottle neck, why are responses taking so long? The time isn’t being spent processing BBLs…

Think if they bury there head in the sand everyone will go away !!!
Not much to ask for a update ???
Very poor show from Tide :frowning:

Hi all,

As our CEO Oliver explained in his second letter 3 last week, we’re in discussions to raise hundreds of millions of pounds more. And we hope to have this funding agreement in place soon to be able to offer loans to many more of you.

In regards to our tool, our team is working hard to launch this automated self-service solution that will allow you to check your position on the wait list. We’re very close to beta launch this tool and give access to a few members (like with every new features, to make sure it works as we want it to before we make it available more widely) and we’ll then make it available to all our members.

Thank you,