Another missing BACs



Sadly I’v decided late this Friday night that there is no hope for the Tide Pseudo-bank to deliver to me the BACs payment my client sent on Weds.

My last bank processed BACs in 2 days. It’s actually pretty common to process a BACs before 11pm on Day 2. Currently you have failed to process it over 3 days.

I am so tired of this App that pretends to be a bank;

  • Poor customer service
  • No transparency
  • Regular system downtime effecting entire weekends
  • Slowest payments (Faster and BAcs)

I can’t trust my livelihood with this East London pop-up.

I would love to say its been short but sweet, but that would be half-wrong. It’s time I returned my business to a real bank again (like an actual reputable institution who is allowed to process payments themselves).

You know… like a big boy bank, without the training wheels.

Anyway not to worry, all the established banks appear to be releasing app-based lightweight business banking propositions, but with all that sweet real bank infrastructure. And such joys as phone lines and responsive chat services (like under 72hr!!!).

So, Ciao! I’l check back in on you in a couple of years to see if you’re:

  • Taking CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE more seriously (I mean you do realise flashy User Interfaces isn’t enough to keep your customers loyal).

All said and done, thanks for the lesson in what a Challenger Bank is…
…it seems it just means it is as of yet unproven and probably risky.

Yours with disappointment, Waals