Amending details of an existing payee/recipient



One of my regular payees - so, a company to whom I pay monthly - changed its banking details. (Not an unheard of situation.) I subsequently discovered that it is not possible to amend a recipient’s details. I was advised by Tide to delete the existing recipient and create a new entry. However, it’s not even possible to do this, and I received an message stating: ‘the same name was used for a previously deleted recipient. Please choose another name.’.

The worry here is that (1) your advice was incorrect, and (2) this just seems really ‘clunky’. Your adviser also told me that the Tide’s ‘payment feature’ is still in its early stages’. Really? You launched in June 2016? And you’re a bank! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Oh, by the way, this entire process could potentially be made even easier if you were to introduce standing orders.)

I’m boring myself with my moaning, but Tide advertised itself to me, not the other way round. And, the thing is, I’m not getting a ‘simple banking experience’, nor am I saving time. The pain of moving bank is well documented, so you’ve no doubt got my business for a while now, but these days I no longer recommend you to those (daft enough to) who seek my advice.



Thanks so much for your feedback,
Apologies for the miscommunication, to clarify our payments feature is not in its early stages, however there are currently some limitations to our ‘add a payee’ function, those being that payee details cannot be edited, and it is not possible to add a payee under the same name as a previously deleted payee.
Rest assured we are on it, and our Product Development Team are working to implement a fix in the future. As a workaround in the meantime, you can successfully add the payee with a slightly different name to their previous entry.

I have just reached out to you via the in-app chat regarding this, and about being added to the Tide Preview waitlist for Standing Orders :slight_smile:


"you can successfully add the payee with a slightly different name to their previous entry"
I can see that this would work, but some banks might think it less than ideal that we’re advised to use a different name than the name on the account to get round what seems like a fairly basic problem. I had a similar problem with the name of my accountant’s firm which didnt conform to Tide’s expectations of an account name (it had an ‘&’ in I think). Hopefully the fix will be released soon, any steer on how long?


11 months later, has this basic feature to edit payees been fixed yet?


Hi @dan.s,

Apologies for the slow response.

To start with I’d like to say that I completely appreciate how frustrating this lack of functionality must be, in particular a straight forward (from a user experience point of view) item like this.

There are two reasons we don’t yet support the feature:

  1. Our payments partner only introduced the functionality on their end late last year, and as a result it’s only recently been possible to offer
  2. There are a number of other projects (payment notifications, 3D secure for online payments, Google pay) that are in progress currently and which we do not want to interrupt. From a development point of view, this is not as straightforward as it would appear to the user - which is to say that we can’t squeeze it in as a “quick-win”

What I can say is that now that this functionality is possible it is on our public roadmap, we are actively refining it and as part of wider planning, and do intend to address in 2019. I will update here once this timeline becomes more definite.



I have the same issue and it’s now March 2019, a year after the original posting. I need to pay someone who’s name is the maximum number of characters allowed for an account name (so I can’t use a “slightly different name” without misspelling their name) and who has just changed their bank account. Now I can’t pay them.
Pretty much a show stopper and something so basic I’m flabbergasted it isn’t considered at least a P2 bug.
Just checked the Tide Features roadmap and it’s in the “Long Term” list. Seriously?!?
Well Tide, you’re about to lose a customer as you’ve made it impossible for me to use your service.
I would really like to support the small guy, but it can’t be at any cost!


Hi @nthackray,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

I completely understand your frustrations and I can confirm this is on our radar. Other banking providers have the same character limitation issue - this is not just a design issue, unfortunately.

In the meantime, you are able to add a payee with an incomplete name for UK domestic payments. Therefore, you can put the first letters of the payee’s name rather than their full name.

I completely appreciate that this is not ideal. We’ll be updating the community as soon as we have a date to implement a permanent solution.

Thanks for your patience Nicholas and please do continue to share your feedback with us - it’s really helpful.