Again: For security reasons the Tide app is unable to run on this device


I have that problem on two stock Android phones for a couple of days now.

Originally I thought this is a temporary problem, but it turns out it’s not.

What can I do?


Hi Torsten,

Have you tried force quitting the app?

If not then try deleting and re-installing the app?

If you do have further issues, get in contact with our Member Support team.

You can send them an email to but please make sure it has your full name and company name.



Deleting and re-installing the app did the trick.

Many thanks so far.

The only problem now is that after I logged in, the app wants to start the whole application process over again from scratch.

We had been well beyond this point, which relates to Account opening stuck / No email replies anymore.

So maybe you could be so kind and have an agent contact us via email about the status of our application.



I just applied for the account and sent all the information to the Customer Service rep (answers to questions, proof of address, receipt of recent purchase associated with the company). Several hours later I returned to see the status of my application and I the got the following message "For security reasons the Tide app is unable to run on this device).

I’ve deleted and re-installed the app and have had to provide my ID and authentication all over again.

What happened to all the information I sent and the interaction with the Customer Service Rep? Will Tide be aware that my application is in process or is it now cancelled and must I start all over?


Hi George,

I can see that your account recovery has been successful and you’re currently talking to the On-boarding team :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Waiel