Additional Checks?


So much for the “if you are a limited company registered with companies house you can set up a tide account in 5 mins”!!

Now whilst I can understand the need for some additional checks, I really do not see the necessity for a new company to confirm their monthly turnover and how much will be paid in cash as an additional check to be able to set up an account with you, further if we confirm that a “directors loan” is to be made for seed funding, that really shouldn’t be anything you need to know and asking for written agreements of this seem far in excess of what you promise as a sign up procedure.
The company is registered with companies house, the directors are listed on there, we have provided copies of id to confirm our identities - anything else feels a bit ott, in all seriousness setting up a basic business account with a traditional bank wouldn’t be far off these timescales…


Just to say after the long checking process, apparently because there are two directors, I can confirm the same ridiculousness continues trying to get team cards, weeks waiting for “manual checks” to be carried out on a director who has already had “manual checks” done - although just read on here that team cards are going to be charged at £5 a month so looks like we’ll shift banks away to something better suited to our needs