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1. Why couldn’t my ID be verified?
Often glare, blur or shadows cause trouble. It’s also an issue if parts of the page are not in the photo. We need to be able to read all the information on your ID.
We also can’t process IDs that are expired and the photo needs to show a real document – photos of your ID on a phone or computer screen can’t be processed.

If you think that any of the above might have caused issues, just upload a new photo or of your ID – this time making sure that all writing on the page is legible and clear.

2. Why couldn’t my selfie be verified?
We can’t verify selfies that are blurry, dark, don’t show yourself, or are photos of a phone or computer screen.e If any of these are the case, we’ll need you to take some extra steps.

Please just reach out in the in-app chat and let the team know. They’ll walk you through what to do next.

3. I’ve entered my name in a way that doesn’t match my ID. What do I do next?
It’s important that the details you enter exactly match the ID you use.
So if you changed your name (e.g. by abbreviating or leaving out a middle name that’s on your ID, or by spelling out the full name if the ID only shows the initial), made a typo or have made changes to your date of birth, we’ll have trouble finishing our checks.

If that’s the case, just reach out in the in-app chat and our team will help you out.

4. I’ve changed my name, but my ID doesn’t show that yet. What can I do now?
If you’ve legally changed your name – e.g. by deed poll or through a marriage/divorce – but applied with an ID in your old name, we can fix this for you.

If you’ve changed your name, just upload the deed poll (the full document), your marriage certificate or divorce documentation in the in-app chat. That’ll help our team get things done more quickly.


1. I have only recently moved, could that cause issues?
Long story short: Yes.
If you’ve lived at your current address for less than 3 months, it will be a huge help for our team to know your previous address.

Just get in touch in the in-app chat and let them know that you’ve moved less than 3 months ago and tell them where you lived before (make sure to give them the full address, including the postcode and house name or flat number if you had one).

2. I don’t live in the UK, is that a problem?
If you’re not living in the UK at the moment, we might need some additional information or documents from you.

So if you’re currently living abroad, just drop our team a message with your full address in the in-app chat and they’ll let you know what the next steps are.

3. Am I not eligible for an account after all?
There are a few requirements all of our Members have to fulfil to get an account. If you’re unsure if you do, you can have a look at our community post about the eligibility criteria here.


1. The app suggested someone as a director who’s resigned. What do I do now?
If either of the people that show as a director in your application has resigned from their position, don’t worry. Sometimes it takes a while for Companies House files to be updated so our software gets the latest input.

Just let our team know in the in-app chat and they’ll fix this for you.

2. I am a director of the company, but the app didn’t recognise that. What do I do now?
If you update the officers of your company it sometimes takes a while until these changes can be picked up by our software.

No need to worry though. If you are a director but haven’t been able to add your name in the director section, just reach out to our team in the in-app chat and they’ll fix that for you.


1. The app still shows a person as a shareholder who has left the company. What can I do?
If a person (or multiple people) have been removed as a shareholder it’s important for us to clearly see who has taken over their shares. For that purpose it’s not enough to see they’ve been removed as a Person with Significant Control (PSC) from your company’s profile on Companies House.

If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure that there is documentation available on Companies House that shows the full current share distribution (e.g. a confirmation statement with updates or an annual return with share distribution). You can easily file a confirmation statement for your business with Companies House and it will become available to us shortly after.

2. My shareholder lives abroad, is that a problem?
If one or more of your shareholders are not living in the UK at the moment, we might need some additional information or documents from you.

To help us speed things up, just drop our team a message with your full addresses of the shareholders in the in-app chat and they’ll let you know what the next steps are.

3. I think I entered an incorrect address/date of birth for my shareholder. What do I do now?
If you think the residential address of date of birth you’ve entered for your shareholder is wrong, please send a message to our team in the in-app chat and let them know. They can double-check and make corrections.

4. My shareholder is a company, what do I do?
If more than 25% of the share capital in your company is owned by another business, we might need some additional information.

Don’t worry, our On-boarding Team will be able to see this on Companies House and they’ll reach out and let you know if they need extra input from you.

5. My company is dormant or has been dissolved, does that cause issues?
Yes, that causes issues, as we can only open accounts for business that are registered and active.

If your company is dormant or dissolved, please make sure to update your company’s records on Companies House as soon as you can.

6. My company’s records on Companies House aren’t up to date. Will that be a problem?
To make sure we’ve got all the information we need to wrap our checks up quickly, it’s important that you keep your records on Companies House up to date.

If your records aren’t up to date, particularly if a confirmation statement is overdue, please get in touch with Companies House to update them.