Adding a new Payee



I’ve just spent about half an hour trying to add a new Payee and have finally managed to sort it out.

The user experience of adding a new Payee on the app is bad. When it goes through to the confirmation / security code, after entering the name and account details, it makes no suggestion that it automatically continues after I have entered the code (and it didnt do, the first 5-6 times).

Leading me to think that the app in itself was broken as there was no “Next” button and nothing was happening!! There was no error that popped up, or any kind of guidance at all.

Then I logged in on my desktop to try there. Same thing, only this time there was nowhere to enter the code and it kept coming back with “Unknown Error” after spending ages trying to process the information. No other info, no offer of support.

For a banking app, when money does need to be sent at short notice / urgently at times, this is REALLY poor show. I’ve been tentative about using the account for this reason exactly. I’d rather pay normal fees for a standard account with an actual bank and be able to have peace of mind.


Thanks for you feedback @JoeM, really sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble adding a payee.

I’ve passed your feedback on for our Product Development Team too look in to this for you, if you need any further assistance with this, our Member Support team would be happy to help, in the app or at :slight_smile: