Activating your card


Your Tide MasterCard will be sent to your trading address when you first create an account. Once your Tide MasterCard arrives, visit the app to begin activating the card.

You can begin the activation process by tapping the Card Icon on the Accounts page.

On the Manage cards page, you will find the account corresponding to the card awaiting activation. Tap Activate card to continue.

Next, scan your card by holding it in front of the camera. Ensure it is laid flat and in good lighting. The card will be scanned automatically when captured between the blue frame. Note: your card details are found on the back of your card.

The screen will then show the card number which was read from the scan. If the card number is correct tap Confirm. If incorrect, tap Card incorrectly read? Re-scan under the number to scan the card again.

Once confirmed, you will see the confirmation screen below and your card will be ready to use.

You can access your PIN in the app, simply by tapping the card icon.

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