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Hi Valentine,

On the website it is said that the quickbooks integration is “coming soon”. In several posts, including onces dating from one year behind, it is “in the plans”. And after almost a year (today it’s two months more), and I can read that there is no update becaus they don’t have an API ?

However I can easily connect to barclays, metrobank, and all other kind of normal banks. Integration with quickbooks is crucial as it is one of the most popular software, and it’s a pain to have to do this manually.

What is preventing tide to be integrated when it is already integrated with most of the banks ? (Including other non-bank services like paypal). Is there an update on this or a timeframe of when we could expect it ? (It has been sold as “coming soon” on the tide homepage for a while. I’m about to start using tide to seperate all my business and personal expenses, but if there is no plan to get quickbooks soon I’d rather I stick to my bank in the meantime, it is a major time saving feature.


Hi @estedonis,

Our objective is to integrate with all accountancy software providers, as you know, our mission is to save small business owners time.

What this means in practice is that we’ve been having discussions with Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent, Sage (+others) since we launched. Xero and FreeAgent work on a public API basis, which means we can connect without requiring any time or resources from them. Sage and Quickbooks don’t have APIs, which means we require them to do some tech development work for us to provide a feed. While Sage has been quick to prioritise us, Quickbooks is taking a bit more time.

The good news is that discussions are advanced with Quickbooks and we’re really hoping to release something in the first half of this year. However, we depend on them so we’re not able to promise any timeframe until we actually begin the work.

We’ll let update the community as soon as we have more information. Thanks again for your patience James!



Ok thanks a lot for the precision, will wait for it :slight_smile:


Hi @Tide ,

Are there any plans to integrate with WaveApps?

I use it and find it an excellent free accounting software.

Would be great if you can.





I’m afraid we currently don’t have immediate plans to work with Wave, but will certainly update the community if this changes in the future.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Please can I add my interest in Wave compatibility, Wave is excellent value as it is free and gives me everything I want, except for connectivity to tide!


Would also love to see wave integration.


I have contacted QuickBooks Support and had a lengthy conversation explaining why it’s important for me. The person said she will forward my concerns to their devs and seniors. I also left feedback and planning to write in their community forum (when I figure out how to find it). I want this to work and I think if we will start pushing them a bit more, this process will be faster. I really want to see it soon. I have been neglecting my accounting for too long and I think this would help me stay committed. Please let us know if there are any updates.


Hi @BernardKudulis,

Thanks for sharing your feedback! I completely understand that this integration is important for you and your business - I can confirm we’re in active discussions with QuickBooks and plan to release our integration in the coming months.

I’m afraid I can’t give you a more precise timeline, however, we’ll share an update with the community as soon as we have more details.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Hi Valentine, March was the last piece in this thread. Do you have any more details on QBO integration as this is the one main piece missing in effortless working together between bank and accounts. I am hopeless at uploading manually and this really would be great to have. Thanks Alex


Hi @AtlanticOrganic,

We are expecting QuickBooks to be in the process of integration by mid-September.

I do hope this helps!



Should there be an update to your Road Map on Trello if this mid Sept date is to be believed? QBO integration is still listed under the long term heading.

What is current cause of delay?


Thank you for reaching out @tomK. We have moved this to Medium term on our roadmap in anticipation of our Open-banking API launching in mid-September! We want to make our members aware that this connection is reliant on both parties successfully implementing an Open-banking , and cannot work solely with Tide’s API.
Thanks, Ali


It’s (almost) Mid-September. Is the QuickBooks integration still coming in on schedule?


Hi Iain, thanks for reaching out. We are making good progress with our open-banking API, but unfortunately we won’t be ready to integrate as soon as we anticipated. The first element of our open-banking due to launch is our Account Information Services, which will allow us to integrate with Quickbooks. We hope that Quickbooks is also on track, which will allow us to make this integration work.
Our payment developers are working hard to make this happen and we’ll continue to provide updates wherever we can.
Thanks, Ali


Hello, it’s now November. Any updates? I switched from Xero to Quickbooks and discovered its not integrating yet.

Please advise.




Hi there. I’d also like to register my interest in Wave integration. Do you have this in your roadmap at all?

Thanks, Chris.