Account stuck on verifying details


Hi, my account has been stuck on verifying details for almost 2 weeks now and still not answer from support are email to state what’s going on. I though this was a simply 10 minute process and I am disappointed in the outcome of this. Please update me or permanently close my account because this is ridiculous.


Hi there!

Sorry to keep you waiting @Krystalgrowthltd

I’ve just checked in with the onboarding team about this, they should be in touch shortly to help sort out your application with us.

Thank you again for being patient!



Hi, same problem here, could you help please?


Hello @Tearpol,

Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We have escalated the case to our on-boarding team. They will be in touch with you via e-mail as soon as possible, so you can continue with the on-boarding process.