Account Statements for International accounts


I would like to provide some feedback and also request some immediate help on this please -

I have sent the following request - I need the account statements of my International account prior to Dec 2018 please. I received an email with the statements but I can’t locate them anymore. Could you please email me back or make them available in the WebUI. Only statements from Jan’19 are available on the Web?

Countless message exchanges later I still am struggling to request the statements of my account. The person chatting with me has been asking me all sorts of questions instead of providing the statements. I am beyond fed up at this point.


Hey @pavan4,

You joined our International Currency Accounts feature when it was still in its early stages, when statements were not yet being automated, I can see you’re chatting with our Member Support team so they can re-forward you the statements you’ve misplaced.

If there’s anything else you need just let them know in the app :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply.

I understand that I joined this feature when it was in its early stages. But this has been a very painful experience for me.

I would also politely like to point out that only statements for Nov’18 and Dec’18 have been emailed which I, as rightfully pointed out, misplaced. My apologies for that. However, I have requested statements from Aug’18 to be emailed please. There were payments accepted in that month. I still haven’t received the Aug’18 statement please.


Hi @pavan4,

I know the team has been in touch to further assist you with this, don’t hesitate to let them know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: