Account Setup FAR TOO LONG



I’ve been recommended tide by a friend as they are supposedly the fastest way to set up a business bank account… he was wrong.

Before signing up i selected the ‘Company not registered yet’ box as it was in the process of being registered that morning. This may have slown the process down for me but in the time it took for them to send me a message asking me to provide some information the company registration certificated had come through by email.

I’ve answered all the questions they gave me i the chat that opens when you get the app but i’ve had no response for a day.

Consequently the business deal i am about to close on is now in jeopardy because of this time restraint



Really sorry for the delay in coming back to you @jacka21!

We run checks on all applications and usually finish them within minutes. In certain cases though, our On-boarding team need a little more information to complete the application, you can read more about the process here

I can see our team has been in touch and this has now been resolved for you, if there’s anything else you need just let us know in the app :slight_smile: