Account Set Up


Good morning,

I’m trying to set up an account, I’ve downloaded the app, shared proof of ID and now I just get a message saying ‘failed to load messages’ when I log in.

I’m aware additional checks may be needed but no one has reached out to request these?

Please can you help.




The same has happened for me and it seems very hard to get an answer from anywhere… can you let me know if you managed to fix the issue.


Unfortunately I’m still waiting for a response 4 days later…


Good afternoon @omartin and @Handsvicci,

I hope you both are well.

I do apologise for the delay with your applications.

I have personally escalated your applications to our On-Boarding team and they will be in contact with you shortly. If you have any questions or queries, please message our team via the in-app chat or email your full name and business name to and an agent will be happy to help.

Apologies once again and thank you for your patience.



Thanks Nick!


Good afternoon,

I opened the account two days ago. Was in contact with Garry who asked me additional copies of ID-card and drivers license. They promised to send me a mail what was done yesterday. I did not receive anything and messaging in the app is not working anymore. Can anyone please give me a status update instead of ducking away ?


I am having all of the above problems - signed up for an account through the app - provided ID now get this screen and has been this way for days now

Please help - I have also emailed the email address

Has anyone had an resolutions to this? Not very impressed so far- meant to be an easy only smart way to open a business bank account??


I finally got a response over email and then the set up was very easy.


Thanks - now in email correspondence so lets hope it gets resolved


@omartin @Proprep

Thanks so much for the positive update. Should you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out - we’re just a message away!

Best wishes for the year ahead,