Account Recovery - Saying you can't read my License, however the image is clear as day


Trying to get back into my account after wiping my phone and went through the recovery process.

When processing the photo of my driving license, I’m told you can’t read the image. However the image is super clear, taken from above on a clear background and has no glare.


Hi Rashed!

I’m sorry to hear about your concerns. Rest assured, we strive to process our manual checks as quickly and efficiently as possible. We look to have the best picture of your ID in order to spot any discrepancies and keep your platform safe.

I can confirm that you should now be able to access and operate your account seamlessly.

Thank you so much for raising this to our attention and sharing your experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or through the in-app chat should you have any questions or further feedback - we’d love to hear ti!

Best wishes,