Account reader FAQ


Account Reader - FAQ

The account reader is to help accountants save time by allowing them to access their clients’ transaction data.

Viewing and exporting client data

How do I request access to view my clients’ accounts?
You can add clients under the navigation menu, in the top right-hand corner of the Account Reader - select “My Clients” followed by “Add clients”.

Who can view my client data?
All agents registered as part of your organisation are able to view and export data for the organisation’s clients, regardless of who submitted the authentication request.

I can’t add my client - it says this is not a valid Tide account.
To identify your client’s account, we’ll need the email address that they used to join Tide. Your client can check the email address in the “More” section of the app.

I can’t add my client - it says my organisation has already requested access to this client
If your client has already authorised your organisation, their company name will appear in your client list and you’ll be able to view and export their transaction data.

If authentication has not yet been granted, the status will be shown as “pending authentication”.

You can sort by company name, authentication status or authorisation date to enable you to find your client quickly. If you can’t see the client’s name in your client list, then contact us at

How can I export transaction data?
Once in the transaction view, select “Export data” on the right-hand side of the page. You can then select the date range and the csv format optimised for the software you use.

What do the export format types mean?
We’ve optimised our file format types, so that you can upload them straight into several accounting softwares without reformatting them. We currently support CSV formats for Xero, Freeagent, Quickbooks, Sage and Wave.

Adding colleagues

How do I add my colleagues?
Only admins of the organisation are able to add new agents to the organisation. If you have admin access, you will be able to select “Team & permissions” in the navigation on the top right of the Account Reader. This section will allows you to review who has access to the Account Reader under your organisation’s name.

If you notice any unauthorised agents on the list, please contact Tide Partnerships team at

I can’t sign my colleague up - it says only email addresses with the same domain are permitted
For security reasons, we encourage you to only add other employees of your organisation. Thus, we only allow new agents with the same email address domain to be signed up to the Account Reader as part of your organisation. If you have arrangements that necessitate other email address domains to be added to your organisation, let us know by email to

What are admins?
Admins are able to view the list of users in the organisation and their details (email address and phone number). They will also receive emails when a new Tide client authorises the organisation to view his / her accounts.

Can we have multiple admins?
Yes - please ensure that the agent is already signed up to your organisation, email their names and email address to

How can I change my details after I’ve signed up?
Please provide your full name and organisation name and email the request to

How can I change the details for the agent I’ve just added? I’ve submitted the wrong details!
Please provide the full name and the organisation name for the new agent, and email the corrections to