Account is under verification for 4 days


We have applied for a new business account for our company AEZ Trading Ltd but till now we have not received any updates on our new account.

On our Tide app we are getting the following message of “Verifying your details, this usually takes 5 minute, But in certain case we may need up to 48 hours”. It has been more than 48 hours. Can you please let us know when we will have our account open as we need to start trading as soon as possible.

We have also emailed to


Hi there @Aeztrading

Thank you for reaching out about this! Our onboarding team have had a lot of new applications to go through and will need some additional time to address yours.

We do apologise for the delay, the team will reach out to you as soon as they’re able!



MY account has been under review for 6 days it said it would take 6-48 hrs. Chiron Personnel ltd.
Please sort, this is costing me money now.


if the issue isn’t resolved in 24hrs i’m going to have to register with another account holder


Thank you for following up on this @TED23

I’ve just brought this to the attention of the Onboarding team so that they can help with pushing your application forward as needed, we’re very grateful for your patience so far!