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Thank you for reaching out about this @Myto

I’ve just reached out to the responsible team on this, so they can be in touch and sort this out with you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience!


…I’m a new customer to TIDE and sadly very frustrated with the whole experience.

I’ve been blocked from sending any outgoing payments on my bank account for 48 hours. They say its for security checks but I don’t get any more information and no useful responses or solutions to my messages. It’s appears to be a waiting game.

If one error comes up and is eventually resolved another error appears to replace it.

This is a business account, how does TIDE expect any business to function when there are multiple restrictions being introduced on the account without any explanation.

The idea behind a business account is to support small business to function and service their customers. So far my TIDE experience has affected my functionality of the account and already affacted my customer service, due to unnecessary blocks on the account and therefore delays to my suppliers and in turn delaying my projects.

There is no communication / means of receiving a phone call to better understand the situation and resolve problems.

The TIDE process is relying on the customer being proactive and sending in-app messages as well as sending this message in the desperate hope of this being resolved.

If you can help please do. I would prefer to actually speak to someone rather than receiving another in-app message to say the block on your account is being looked into. without any specifics.

Thank you for your message here, @S33

Apologies that I wasn’t able to respond to you sooner here, I can see that the team were able to address the matter of the payments. The checks that the team perform are a necessary step to make sure that Tide members’ accounts are safe and that we understand your business a bit better.

I understand that it’s frustrating whenever there are delays in this regard and we do our best to keep them as brief as possible and to keep you updated. If you need any further assistance, please let me know here, or through the app.