Account in hold


My account is on hold. No response from chat. I need to give these goods to the customer, however I can’t until funds are clear. Should the customer call there bank and do a charge back?


Hello @Horses,

We can see that several of our dedicated teams are currently looking into the case.

They have reached out to you in the relevant thread and will be keeping you updated.

Please do let us know if you should require any further assistance, we will be happy to help!



Still on hold. 10 days


Hi again @Horses,

We can confirm that our relevant team escalated the case and will provide you with an update as soon as possible.



13 days. Shame on you Tide.


Hi there @Horses

I’m sorry to hear that the process has taken so long, we typically try to keep these pauses brief.

I’ve chased this up with the team, but I cannot guarantee when their checks will be complete so they can give you a direct update. As soon as they can, however, they’ll reach out immediately.



14 days account on hold. The communication in the chat is a disgrace. How can the team responding to my account being on hold be unable to string a correct sentence together? Should I post some responses on here so you can see?


As you can see, 7hr no response.

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Hi there, I appreciate that this process can take a varying amount of time.

The team are aware of your situation and we’re doing our best to speed this up for you.