Account Frozen - Urgent!


Hi, This morning I received a message on my tide. It is as follows:

“We have placed a temporary pause on your account. During this time, you will not be able to send or receive payments from, or into your Tide Account or use your card. We appreciate that this may cause some concerns however, our Compliance Team is currently reviewing your account. We will be in touch via email as soon as there is any further update.

UK financial regulation requires us to verify information from time to time to ensure we remain compliant and our members’ accounts are safe.”

Please can someone help me out and explain what is going on? I opened a support ticked on the app but have no replies. Im very worried as i had payments to take today and now im left in the dark. I have no idea what to do. Please dont let me down.

My company name is:
365 School Of Trading LTD

Kind Regards,
Ibrahim Surensoy


I got the same message have they responded to you?


I currently have the same issue. 5 days now without any resolve and 18hrs with no response on the public community forum. See my post.

Here it is:

Interesting to watch this play out and see the way Tide treats its customers.

It’s as if they actually think customers have no voice and will allow such things to occur without consequence.

If it’s just down to an inadequate level of customer service staff available to handle support then that would make some sort of sense, however I have a feeling it’s more than that. From everything I’m coming across it appears to be a culture at Tide that allows for them to be apathetic, dismissive, vague and unresponsive.

Quite shocking, isn’t it? Especially in today’s day and age.

You’d think they’d have learnt a thing or two about what makes companies successful. It would make sense to do that wouldn’t it, if for example you’re wanting to do something with some promise of growth? Like, I don’t know, starting a new bank perhaps?

It’s not as if it’s a corner shop.

Tide if you’re listening take a page out of Amazon’s book and sort out your customer service. They became one of the most successful companies in the world and that’s mainly down to one simple principle:

A unwavering emphasis on a customer centric approach.

Above everything they placed the customer first.

So Tide what is it you’re trying to achieve with such uncommunicative behaviour? It just makes your customers feel devalued and dismissed.

Why is it that customers like us, who joined your bank because they found it friendly and the prospect exciting, seeing you as a worthy efficient alternative to other banks, are now left feeling you’re sluggish, unconcerned, inconsiderate and just do not care?

I’m at a loss as to what is going on at Tide. You’ve only just started and it’s as if you’ve already given up.

As a challenger bank how are you expected to maintain a level of growth with this sort of nonsense without a constant exodus of customers once they realise that the service level is so pitifully poor?

You’re a new player, your standards should be better not worse.

I mean do you think I or this gentleman here is going to feel confident in using your services now, after the problems we have encountered?

Fix this.

And I resent having to waste my time on this rant. We’re watching so let’s see how this goes.



Nope, nothing yet mate…



Hello and thank you for reaching out to us.

Our dedicated team will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Your patience is highly appreciated.

Let me know if you need any further assistance or have questions.