Account Creation issue


Good afternoon,

I am experiencing a delay in a response to my account creation where more details were requested. I have asked for a fairly rapid response if possible as I need to present these account details to a recruiter by 5pm.

Do you think anyone would be able to help by then or should I start making other arrangements? Unfortunately I have not received a message apart from the auto response requesting the information.

Many thanks,



Hi @Mony,

I believe our team is in touch with you through the in-app chat to further assist you with your account creation.

Don’t hesitate to let them know if you have any questions.



Hi all,

I can confirm that the Tide Team had contacted me and the account creation was a fairly quick process after I had answered a few queries that they had.

I have had the need to speak to the Tide team through the app and the response was quick so no problems on side either.




I am new to Tide and already frustrating about customer service. The support team ask a question and then disappear for several hours. After up and running hopefully I would not bother you guys. But what is going on!!! Not acceptable at all.


Hi @samrat,

I know our on-boarding team has been in touch to further assist you with your application.

I’m sorry you didn’t hear back from the team earlier. We’ve been getting a high volume of applications lately. Rest assured that the team is working hard to get back to every message as quickly as possible.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Tide, I’d be happy to help.