Account closing and refunding client(s)


Hello, has anyone here had there account closed or about to be closed? If so how long did tide take to refund clients? I have a situation where they did a review of my account and no longer want to do business with my company but this happened on a day where i recieved payments into my account, which i would like refunded to the sender but i cannot get a definitive tine scale and this is hampering other business that i have to tend too!!
So what i am looking for is an answer as to what is their timescale for processing refunds?

Thanks in advance for any help given


Hello Jason.

Sorry for the delay in getting back in touch. After looking into your case I can see that you have been in touch with our relevant team and it looks as though everything is now resolved. If you need help with anything else please get in touch via the in-app chat or via and our Member Support team will be happy to assist you.


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