Account closed with money in the account



Of course, @Michealscully1

I’ll be looking into the matter and getting back to you as soon as possible.



Thanks obi. I sent the customer support an email regarding that issue and got no response been over a week.


Obi how come you never reply when i send a private message. You only reply to me on these public group chats. Ive sent u an message privately could you please read it and get in touch with the relevant department and let me kno when you got am update for me


Apologies for the delay in that regard, @Michealscully1

I’ll do what I can to chase this up with my colleagues so we can connect you and sort out everything else that remains outstanding. I appreciate that this has taken quite a bit of back-and-forth, so I hope we can speed up the rest of the process.



Please get it sorted for me. It should show on your system anyways with the money that went in i dont kno why you guys didnt send the full amount back to me. Also ive provided an alternative contact number which is my work phone that i carry with me during the day and if you request them to ring me on that numbet i will always answer it straight away.


Obi no updates? No one has contacted me again sent charlotte a few emails no response


I’ve just chased this up for you, @Michealscully1

Ultimately, this is with the dedicated team that might need some time to sort this out in full, as soon as they’ve reviewed everything, they’ll be in touch right away.



Okay ill leave that with you. If i miss a phone call please could you instruct them to email and if you get an update let me know. Thank you