Account closed with money in the account



I have been trying to get in touch with tide customer service for the last 3 months, my account was closed down with my money in the account. 3 months ago i got a repsonse from tide to send my other account sort code and account number which i did instantly but i have had no response or the money hasnt come in. I have emailed customer service support many times but failed to get a response.


Hello @Michealscully1

Thank you for bringing this to our attention - I won’t be able to assist you here directly I’m afraid, but I have had a look into your communication with us.

We have been in touch several times over email, but I don’t believe that we’ve gotten a response back as of yet, so I’ll ask the team to chase this up with you once again.



I have responded over 30 times requesting for updates and all the information you guys asked for. I have emailed you screenshot proof of the messages that ive replied to when you guys contacted me. I really need my money back as its not a small amount and caused allot of bother in my life


Thank you for letting me know @Michealscully1

Could I ask you to let me know which email you’ve been sending your responses to us from?

If you can send this to me in a private message if you prefer, I’d be happy to help connect you with the team if there’ve been any issues in this regard.



Ive been sending email to i tried sending a message privately but its not allowing me to


Have you got any update for me got no response through email since last 3 days


Thank you for following up on this @Michealscully1

If you’re still having trouble connecting with the team, could you let me know what email you’d prefer that we contact you on? The team have been in touch on the one associated with your account, but if you’re not receiving our messages there, we want to make sure that we can reach you otherwise.



Ive contacted them on and ive been getting replies from them but no money. Ive privately messaged you but no response. Your only replying to me on these public pages but not resolving my issues. Youve literally robbed me of my money and its been 5 months you still havnt gave it back to me. Worst ever bank ive banked with. What are you guys doing . Ive sent an email to to call me and sent my contact number.


Thank you for following up on this with me, @Michealscully1

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve encountered such difficulties in this situation. I’ll be sending you a private message with some more details so that we can assist you more directly.



I have replied to you message on private chat. Could you please confirm you have recieved the time and my mobile number for you to contact me on. Thank you


Of course, I’ve received it and I’ll call you at the time that you provided.



Thank you soo much.


Obi i hv sent the details over can you confirm with me if you received them


Thank you for following up on this @Michealscully1

I’ve just replied to one of your recent emails to us, please get back to me there so I can help you along with the process.



Obi this is becoming beyond a joke now. I have sent you the bank statement this morning and plenty of time before i dont kno why you guys keep asking me for bank statement. Anyways i have sent it again to the email you just sent me. Can you confirm with me if you recieved it and if you havnt i will just publish it on here now because i dont kno why you guys keep denying that i havnt sent it. Please let me kno if you recieved it.


Thanks for chasing up on this @Michealscully1

I’ve also responded to your private message here, I believe this would be the most straightforward way for us to sort this out. Just get back to me here when you’re able with what we’ve requested and I’ll forward it to the team right away.



Ive sent over what you requested. Let me kno when you receive it. Thanks


Can some1 get back to me with whats going on. Im not getting no response from you guys again


Sorry to keep you waiting, @Michealscully1

I’ve just sent you a message, I’ll do what I can to see us make some progress on this as soon as possible.



Obi ive sent you a private message can you please read and respond back to me on it