Account blocked with funds arriving!


i have my account closed on the 3rd and my payment went in on the 4th but now i cant access them. the payment ref. is 915104D35962 of around £300+
Can you look into this for me please as i need my funds back!


business: hotmobilez


can you help? @Obi_at_Tide @Ivan_at_Tide


Thanks for reaching out about this @king

I can see you already have a few threads open with the team, please have a look into them as I think that should clear everything up.

If you do need any help with signing in, please let me or the team know at



this is the only thread i have open. i keep getting the same silly message! already threads open. where where? they all get closed!!!


i have escalated a complaint to the financial ombudsman service. please look into this for me


please reply as soon as possible thanks


Thank you for following up, @king

I’ve just had a look into the communication with the team, regarding the dispute that you’ve raised.

We’ve received your complaint, the team will review everything in detail and let you know of the outcome as soon as possible.



can you please ask them to reply to the complaint as soon as possible please thanks


any update?