Account balance limit


Ok. I guess I should have known that Tide imposes a £100k limit on the account balance as standard. But, it had never crossed my mind that a “bank” account would want to limit the amount of money that could be paid into it.

This week I had the pleasure of discovering what happens if the limit is breached. Two payments of £15k in total were rejected and returned to sender. Tide did not notify me (the senders alerted me). Except they were not “returned”, as three clear business days later the money is still missing and in the ether. Embarassing and stressful to say the least. Now we will go through the weekend without knowing where the money is or whether it will turn up.

Best of all has been the absence of customer service from Tide. Other posts would indicate that they are currently either (A) short staffed or (B) fielding too many complaints or © both. I have had next to no help. Someone is consulting a mysterious “Finance Partner”, I don’t know who that is or why. Naturally, a Trust Pilot review immediately triggered a reaction saying “send us an email” - which I did within 5 mins, no response.