Account access asap


I was advised to reinstall the app today as I couldn’t log in it now won’t verify me I have emailed for a call back but had no response could someone get back to me ASAP please


Same issue here, there must be an app problem, it’s ok though as you can get support through the app! Doooh!!


Hello, our cloud provider is experiencing an unexpected outage. We are monitoring the situation and will make sure to update our members as soon as we have more information.


I got support through the app telling me to re install the app now I can’t get verified to get back in


Hi there @Scottjr27

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team again at if you need any help with account recovery.

Bear in mind that a part of the Account Recovery you’ll have to confirm the email address that’s associated with the account.



My account was closed since the 29th August, this is a business account we pay over 80 care workers, since the problem, I have not been able to get anyone over the phone, I had a few email what said they are doing verification check, however do they have to froze our account what has been running for more than a year with month in order to do verification check. It total disregards to our business it clear these people have no respect for how business operate. Also no one to talk to over the phone. I would not recommend them to my dog. I am grossly dissatisfied and I am sure going to see financial compensation for the stress they have given me and the loss of business that am having as my workers continue to walk off work every day. Not to mention the stressfull comment they have been giving me.

Tide will be hearing from my legal team


Hi there @sureclean

Thank you for getting back to us on this, we do apologise for any disruption that our checks may have caused.

Tide conducts checks on inbound and outbound payments to protect our members as well as the integrity of our payments network. My colleagues always try to keep these as brief as possible, but the checks always take a differing amount of time based on the individual situation.

Like the team have advised already, please don’t hesitate to contact the Member Support team if you need anything, we’d be happy to help.



here we go again same problem of account closure only two weeks later; and still not able topay my contractor on my pay day; this is starting to be come a regular thing; please can some one go and sort it out please apologies is not ok when its affecting my business