Accessing your account on another phone


Hi Victoria - thank you I will email them. Is that the full email address


Yes, that’s the full email


I have a new phone - when I get to the stage where I need to rescan my ID i get “invalid multipart request” and can not go any further.

There MUST be a simpler way to change your phone and not lose business banking!

Any ideas on how i might proceed to get back to my account?? Changing phones these days is common place.


Eventually got the id to be accepted and was pleased to see that the new security code was sent by text message so no need to wait for post! Great.


Hi @customerinteract, pleased to hear that this was sorted in the end. However, if in doubt, do get in touch with our Help team via or via the in-app chat. They’re always on hand to assist :slight_smile:


Are you still able to use the old phone too? Don’t want to try in case it mixes things up…
It’s great that you can now change phones immediately though


Hi @customerinteract, thanks for your feedback. You should be able to access your account on your old phone as well.


is this sorted now as I have tried to login on an iPhone and it makes me register again - not valiate my info but register!

have it setup on android but need to login on iPhone so I can link my account to xero

again pretty crappy as android wont let you do this !


Sorry you’re having trouble @lottie,

If you’re being prompted to sign up, rather than being pushed through account recovery, the email address you’re entering is not linked to an active Tide account.
Are you still logged in on your android device? If so, you can find the email address linked to your account by selecting ‘More’, then ‘About me’.

If you’ve any trouble just email, we’d be happy to assist :slight_smile:


Have been experiencing troubles with the reactivation of the app after a new mobile phone had to be used.
The logo appears and nothing else.

Anybody from the support team to advice?


Hey @webity!

Have you deleted and re-installed the app after restoring your device? If you are restoring the apps linked to your previous device, you will just need to delete and re-install the Tide app.

You cannot enter your passcode to regain access on a 'restored’ version of the app.

If you’re still having trouble could you please email so our Member Support team can look in to this for you? :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to get access to my account on a new phone for the last 24 hours without any joy - can’t get the account reactivation process to start, I just keep getting invited to open a new account. I don’t want a new account, I want access to my existing one. 6 emails to and only one reply, and that just contained a link to this article. Abysmal customer service and processes that don’t work - this is literally unusable as a business account.


Hi @locked_out,

I can see you were speaking to our team last week. Sorry that you didn’t hear back from us.

I have just emailed you on the email address associated with your account. It will also be the email address that we sent your ‘welcome to tide’ email to :slight_smile:

If you don’t receive an email from me, can you please let me know, we’ll have to take you through an account verification process in order to share a forgotten email address.



Is it possible to have tide set up (with the same account) on more than one phone, or can the app only be run on one phone at a time?


Hi @IELtd, thank you for reaching out. At the moment it is not possible to access the same Tide account on more than one device at the same time. Providing multi-access is high priority for our product team. This will be a complex structure to build and we are looking at implementing incremental steps which will provide multi-user access whilst we build this function. Our first step will be allowing co-directors equivalent access to the app.
In the meantime, we offer team cards and read access (
We do not have a timeline for our multi-access stages yet, but our team are working hard to deliver this to our members, and we will continue to supply updates wherever possible.
Thanks, Ali


Hi there, trying to sign in after reinstalling the app on my phone. The sign in screen doesn’t look like that anymore - you now have to choose “sign up” or “I already have an account”. When you choose the latter, however, it asks you to take a picture of your identification document and a picture of yourself, then takes you straight back to the beginning and asks you to register. Like Groundhog Day.
Is there a bug?
Many thanks, Dee


Ok thank you


Hi there I’ve just bought a new phone and have gone through the exact same account set up of process on my new phone as in the first place when I joined tide. Now waiting to hear back from tide to be able to access my account. Completely unacceptable! Please give my account back asap!


I just had the same experience after buying a new phone. Completely unacceptable! Did you get a reply from tide Dee? Thanks.


Seems you can’t have more than one account on your phone, but you also can’t access one account from multiple phones. They said back in August it was a priority for them to work on it, but nothing has happened. I would imagine these are very basic functions, so I don’t know why they can’t figure it out. I don’t know how you can get access to your account from your new phone - neither do they. Very disappointed, because I liked Tide.