Accessing your account on another phone


To access your account on a phone other than the one used to set up your account, or if you re-install the app after deleting it, you will need to complete the account recovery process to gain access to your Tide account.

If you are restoring the apps linked to your previous device, you will just need to delete and re-install the Tide app. You cannot simply enter your passcode into a 'restored’ version of the app.

To begin the account recovery process, open the app and tap Login at the bottom left of the Landing page.

Enter the email address registered to your Tide account, then tap the arrow icon to continue.

Enter your registered phone number, if you can’t receive text messages from your registered phone number, you can enter another number to verify your identity and regain access to your account.

You will then be asked to take a picture of your passport or driving licence for security purposes. To do this, place your form of identification on a level surface with good lighting and tap on the camera icon.

Take a selfie by tapping the camera button. Your selfie will be used by the Tide team to verify your identity. Once you have completed this, tap Next.

You will then be asked to enter a new security code. Once entered you will see the below screen, confirming your information has been submitted.

Once you have received the SMS, return to the Tide app, where you will be instructed to enter your account retrieval code. Please note the codes are case sensitive. Tap Submit.

After successfully entering your account retrieval code you will be taken directly to your accounts page in the Tide app and you can continue to use your account as usual.

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Are you going to be offering an alternative way of logging in? Most business addresses are not the actual trading addresses, and this is also often the case for personal addresses - e.g. all my financial products are registered to one place, but I don’t reside there.

It’s really incredibly painful to log in right now.

It is also required to go through this process in order to change a security code, so for now we have left ours as insecure codes since they can’t be changed without receiving post to an address we aren’t often present at.


Hi James - I understand your frustrations. We are keen to develop a log-in process which doesn’t rely on the sending of information via post, but that also doesn’t compromise on security. Rest assured we are investigating ways to improve the existing process.

We’re launching an in-app security code changing feature with our next release, which should address your second point.


why do you have to go through this process to login on another device if you already have all the login details which are correct, most people have more than 1 phone and this is a completely ridiculous way of doing things as there’s no point in having login details.

I know your going to say security and all that but that’s why we’ve set up login details for SECURITY.

This could be a great little app if you didn’t have to do the same things over and over again and also if your app actual recognised the email address our account is signed up too,


sending stuff thru the post DOES compromise security the number of times Royal Mail lose, misroute, delay post.

Having had them take 6 months to post me a letter first class from North London to East London, incorrectly route mail to scandinavia via Korea, lose a Special Delivery item, and deliver a Tracked item to the wrong address, I would prefer stuff by email any day!


Sending letters in this age and day of online apps does sound cumbersome. But keep in mind that this very same method is employed by big companies, e.g. Google (Places), PayPal (reclaim), etc. primarily because it confirms your physical address among other things, such as state of presence and undercuts probability in exceedingly high rate of online fraud.

Of course, there are drawbacks but Tide is currently in evolutionary phase and based on my personal experience, I’m quite hopeful that they will do something about it, particularly when Team Access is integrated into the app, sometime later this year or the next!


I have no issue receiving letters and as you mentioned we already go through this step with other providers, my point is that we are already a customer who has already gone through security and has already got login details, all we’re simple trying to do is login on another phone with the same login details that we set up but that’s not possible.

We have to go through the whole process again to receive a code in the post to the login using the details we set up.

When we go through this process with the other providers you mentioned it is at stage 1 not every time we want to login on a different device, Whats the point in having login details if we have to go through the entire set up every time we want to login on a different device.

I have multiple phones that i use for various businesses but i like to be able to access everything on each of them so at the minute i’m having to repeat the same process 4 times.

I understand your need for security and i’m all for that but whats the point in having login details if we cant use them to login on what ever device we want.

I can download any app that requires login details (inc banking) to any phone and be in that app within 10 seconds not 3-5 days hence why we have login details

Hopefully these little tedious things can be resolved over time as your core offering is great


Glad that you understand :slight_smile:
And I totally agree with you too. It definitely adds a little frustration to the whole process.

As you mentioned there may be situations when you need the app on another device, particular for backup purposes. But personally, I would not trust any secondary device that I don’t use very often with access to the core banking app(s).

Not to mention that slow activation of the app on other devices, also helps prevent any unauthorized or breached access as it gives ample amount of time to the provider to act and revoke the access!

I found this true but it may not be true for all banking apps (some do put you on a limited access until after a manual review). [quote=“sasmedia, post:9, topic:430”]
I have multiple phones that i use for various businesses

Tide currently binds one company to one device, by default, as you cannot sign up for multiple businesses using the same device. So in case if I plan to open Tide accounts for other businesses, I would keep the things simple and use one device for each. It would help in business segregation too.

I hope so too. I do have an important feature request related to Tide API. But it’s not something that I cannot live without, so I told the team about it, they acknowledged and I can wait.

Surely, if adding new devices stays like this, it would impede when you want your Purchasing Dept. or accountant to have access to the bank statements; which brings us to Team Access feature – and the reason why I mentioned it earlier! :construction_worker:


Why don’t just send via SMS?
My phone crashed, and I need the access immediately (you’re talking to business, most of us don’t have 3 days to restore an app and make payment.


Also Lloyds Bank found a way for security.
Not optimum, but efficient.


Adding new phone by scanning everything once more and waiting days to get a new code is by far suboptimal. I am often away from the office, travelling around. I got my phone damaged and got a new phone - lost access to my account completely! I will be back to the UK may be in two or three weeks and I have no bloody option to manage my account at all. This is very very very inconvenient.

Monzo bank just sends me an email where I can click on a link and it opens the app and all is done. Revolut just asks me for credentials. Only Tide is a paranoid android. I assume some people want that level of security but then it must be optional.


Then in that case I believe you can contact the support team via in-app Help menu.
I cannot speak for your particular case but for me, the Founder Member Manager has been pretty accommodating in times of dire need.

By the way, I am beginning to think that having a backup phone with pre-existing app setup would help in catastrophic situations like phone loss.


When the phone is restored from backup, everything looks like it should work but it doesn’t. I was able to ask for help but when they replied, I couldn’t see the answer since the app asked me to log in first.

They replied that I must get a new code. Now I am trying to go through this process, I did it twice and keep getting “cannot setup password” whatever I do.

This is really really annoying. I cannot access my account now. I most probably will switch to Revolut as soon as their business account will be available in beta.


Seems like the device ID changed and it may have triggered the block. Barclays does this too.

I too have been carefully observing the neo/challenger banks’ market space. And to me Revolut For Business’s initial offering looked way more expensive with their monthly plans than what an average start-up or an SME would pay at Tide.

Of course no system is perfect and there are limitations. And you aren’t going lose your phone every day.

In my market research, I found that Tide delivers the best value for its price - as long as I don’t lose my business phone quite often.


Hi Alexey, I’m so sorry you’re having difficulties recovering your account. We’re working hard making some changes to this process at this time, which we hope to roll out in the coming weeks. For the majority of our users, this will allow them to gain instant access to their accounts, without relying on post.

Regarding the error you are experiencing, we are looking into it and will be in touch via the in-app chat with updates.


This is the worst login procedure ive ever come across. Come on guys. I want to log into my account to access my funds because this is after all my business account I need it to… do business. What’s wrong with a simple email and password and SMS verification if you really need to. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

For a service that is trying to revolutionise online business banking this is backwards. Please sort this mess ASAP.


Im trying to access my accounts its been hours now and no response. The app does not give a login option as described above. The only options are Get started and Contact. Ive tried contacting but no response. Do I really need to wait a day or so to access my existing account?


Hi @mpk, really sorry that you are experiencing trouble accessing your Tide account. A Founder Member Manager will be in touch to help you very shortly.


Hey, can you please help me out. Im still unable to access my account a day later. I had to scan my passport and take a photo for a second time and entered the retrieval code. Now it’s saying tide will verify the photo before completing the account retrieval.

I’m posting here because it also says to click the contact button below. But the button doesn’t work.

Please help. Thanks


Hi there, I am really sorry to hear you are still unable to access your account. Could you please confirm if you are unable to access the in-app chat by clicking the “Contact” button at the bottom of your screen? If you can’t access our in-app chat, could you please send us an email at with more details so we can have a look into it? Many thanks, Valentine