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Need help can someone call me 07936570446


Hi @Stace,

Our Member Support team has reached out via email to further assist you with this.



Hi Valentine, I am sure you guys are swamped but I am still waiting for an answer to my query and have been trying to get in touch for the past 24 hours. It’s pretty urgent as I leave the country tomorrow so need to sort things today. Can someone please give me a call? I’ve emailed the hello@ email address twice with my number.
Many thanks,



Hi Kate,

I know our Member Support team has reached out and that everything is now resolved.

I’m so sorry for the slow response time you have experienced. We have been receiving a very high number of messages for the past few days. We are growing rapidly and it’s amazing but it also comes with its challenges.

Our number one priority is to provide the best service to our members so I’m really sorry to read you have had a poor experience. Rest assured that the team is on it!

Let me know if you have questions about this or anything else.


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