Access bbls on app


Has anyone seen bounce back loan on their app? Apparantely you navigate to More, Credit, bounce back loan if you are eligible


I don’t think anyone has been told when we can apply


Hi both,

Did you already register your interest? If not, please join our waiting list.

If you’ve already joined our waiting list, if / when you can access a Bounce Back Loan from us, we’ll send you an email or app notification to let you know that your offer is ready and what you need to do to take up the offer.

We’re delivering Bounce Back Loans from this week, with a phased approach. This means we’re giving access to businesses in batches.

You can find more information about this here:



Hi Valentine!

Long time member, 1st time poster.

Can you advise how Tide are handpicking these businesses and what is giving these businesses a preferential treatment over others? As Tide have clearly stated in the email, The funds are limited, So why after all of our Loyal Support to Tide are we forced to just sit back and hope you have enough funding left when you get round to us?



I presume we will all have to wait until our hair goes even greyer.

As usual Tide are not communicating properly. I am a very loyal member ( have four companies with Tide ) but all I am getting is a brick wall with the same replies as everyone else.

Total shambles in my opinion, maybe others are having a different experience.

I would ask if anyone has got a loan yet but I hardly think those who have a loan would be on this forum moaning like the rest of us.


Hi all,

After reading all your messages and feedback I have written a new post here which I hope will address all your questions.

If you still have questions, please reply to that thread directly and we’ll do our best to address them as soon as possible.


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