Accepting invoice payments


I saw this on the website:

“Simple, smart invoicing: Tide sends invoices on your behalf to your customers. They can pay by regular bank transfer, or card, or direct debit. Once the due date for the payment has happened Tide will check for any matching inbound payments. If it can’t find any, Tide can send a chaser to your customer automatically - and of course you can view your paid (and unpaid) invoices whenever you wish”

does this mean that tide can processes card payments for invoices I send?


That typically means that one has to rely on the customer to parse the invoice (depending upon the banking platform they are using) and then finally pay the invoice by their preferred mode of payment. Tide just makes it easier to embed your company info along with your account number to the built-in templates (in addition to sending automatic reminders, obviously, which would be a lot of code if one has to implement it in an e-commerce system).

Although Tide does not yet accept card transactions, it does exist in Tide’s agenda! Whether it should be an online Stripe like service or a POS based system, that’s debatable!


Its very missleading to claim they can pay the invoice by card.


You could try Square, who accept card payments for invoices. Their regular rate is 2.5% for invoices, (card payments made via CNP or keyed is also 2.5%, whereas swipe, contactless and chip & PIN is 1.75%), charged to the company sending the invoice, not the company making remittance. They are offering £1,000 fee free processing to both parties when you sign up with the link below:

They’ve recently entered the UK with their payment processing and are big in US. You can integrate with your website to accept online payments and there’s a UK support centre and telephone. Like Tide, Square also integrate with Xero.

One final thing that’s great is their POS Square Register app, which is really simple and slick on a tablet.


Hi @dapple ,

Apologies for any ambiguities. The post quoted above describes both current and future functionalities. Currently, Tide’s invoicing tool enables you to generate and send customised invoices.You can also pay an invoice from a supplier, by uploading the invoice to Tide. Tide will parse the information from the invoice document and prepare a payment for you.

Over the next few months, we have a lot of exciting features on our roadmap for invoices, enabling recipients to remit invoices via card payments as well as Direct Debit, in addition to the regular bank transfers which are in place now.


Is there any update on this please? This was back in 2017 and I wonder if there are plans to have a simple ‘button’ style payment system when sending out invoices?? It would make it so much easier for customers to settle invoices. Many thanks, Russ