Accepting Direct debits


Hi there,

We are looking to accept monthly Direct Debits from our website so potential clients can set up an account with us and organise the direct Debit .

I wanted to find out how to do this from the banks perspective.




Check out

They have reliable and well documented API, or you can use their console.
They take care of all the collections for a small transaction fee and make the payment to you tide account a few days after collection.

We have been using for years now, and recommend and integrate it for many of our clients. Remember that as you get charged by TIDE for each incoming credit payment, you may want to have payments collected on specific days e.g the 1st and 15th of the month, so you only have two credits from GoCardless per month which will cost you 40p with TIDE. You can pro-rata the initial payment to achieve this with


Thanks DS4A,

This sounds like sound advice. I will look into this and see how to integrate this into our website.




Hi Just Thought I would mention that i use the gocardless site and facility to manage DD, subscriptions and link it directly to xero so that invoices can be paid through it. Great website. If payments can be made into Tide from gocardless it makes this a compelling service for me!


Hi Jason,

I’m happy to confirm you can make payment from GoCardless to your Tide account.

If you experience any problems, just get in touch with our Member Support via the in-app chat, they’ll be happy to help you.