Absolute terrible service


I have been trying to transfer money to a supplier, and the payment has been blocked with no update other than it is being looked into. This is my first outbound payment as part of my new business and now I have failed to pay my first invoice on time. This is shocking service, I feel as though I have had my money stolen.


I tried to make a £10 payment yesterday. It was blocked. Have been waiting for over 24 hours to have the account unblocked.

Covid + Tide = Bad business experience


Thank you for reaching out about this @HB01 and @vacap

I’m glad to see that the team have been in touch with you since you posted here. I completely understand that any delay with outbound payments can be disruptive.

The checks that the team perform are a standard process meant for us both to get a better understanding of what to expect from our members’ businesses, as well as to ensure their security. We do our best to keep them brief.