About Using your card abroad


You recently posted about Using your card abroad. It states that ‘you won’t currently be able to perform online or card payments in the countries listed below:’ and the (extensive) list includes Thailand.

Please explain - what does ‘perform online or card payments’ mean? It suggests that I won’t be able to use my card for anything much…


Hi @liberatorcnx

Rest assured you can use your Tide card for transactions where your card chip and pin are used in all countries including Thailand :slight_smile:
However, currently online and magstripe transactions in Thailand will not be successful.

Your card will work abroad, but we always recommend taking a backup card so you have options while you’re travelling.


Thank you for your reply but given that there are no chip and pin cards used in Thailand and card transactions all use mag stripe (apart from at ATM’s) that means the card is useless in Thailand…


Hi, can you advise whether I can use my card in Antigua and Montserrat?


Yes you can @monkey2807! However we always recommend taking a backup card so you have options while you’re travelling :slight_smile:


Hi Kate, thanks for info, much app.
Will have back up as advised.
I assume charges as per FAQ ie… MasterCard rate and £1 per ATM transaction? What is ATM daily limit please?


Yes that is correct @monkey2807, the daily ATM withdrawal limit is £500 :slight_smile:


Hi, 2 questions please?
I have tried using my card via pin for hotel security deposit in Amsterdam and was refused?? I have tried accessing app to enquire and app wont open… continuous hamster wheel???
Can you advise please??


Hi @monkey2807,

Sorry to hear you’re experience trouble. I believe a member of our Help team has reached out through the in-app chat to further assist you with this.

Don’t hesitate to get back to them if you’re experiencing further issues.


Hi, your response is the only one I have received?? I have managed to gain access to site, however, still no reason for card refusal??


Hi @monkey2807,

Are you able to log in to your Tide app and see the messages of our Help team in the in-app chat?


Been in Tide app… where are the messages??


Just check again and my last message only one???


Hi @monkey2807,
Glad to hear you’ve successfully regained access to the Tide app, I have just reached out via the chat to further assist you with this :slight_smile: