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I have a business in UK with VAT number, but getting stuck with opening a business account without residency in UK.

I have registered on your website to open a bank account however the app does not work in the country I am in. Is there anyway around this?

Looking forward to your response.


Hi, I am in a similar position, I have a company registered with company house, but I am not resident in UK. Needless to say it is more than difficult to get a business bank account. If somebody can tell me if this is possible or not with Tide I would be more than happy.



Apologies for the delay in coming back to you @billcrofttrade!
In order to apply for, and regularly access a Tide account, you will need to hold a device registered to a UK App or Google Play store, there is currently no way around this.

Apologies for the inconvenience, do let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.


Hi @goran.svensson!
I can see a member of our Help team is in touch with you via email to assist you with this, you can also find information about account eligibility here

To confirm, you will need to have a valid UK phone number, and hold a device registered to a UK App or Google Play store.


Hi Katie,

I cannot find in help app. Can you someone tell me why i cannot access my account. it keeps coming up with an error message. I have urgent payments i need to make.


I want to open a limited company business account.
The account name needs to be the limited company name.
So far the opening instructions ask only for my personal details, no request for company name or company number.
can you please confirm that is the normal process.
I don’t want to complete the whole process and find that I end up with an account in my personal name.
Please call me on my mobile 07838 134988 to let me know.


Heyoo! I’ve been sending requests to Quickbooks to add Tide to their supported bank list but it’s not happened in two of our tax years.

What else can I do: We’ve had to do 2 tax submissions manually and it’s not economical!


Hi there @monsteromnibus,

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

We are looking forward to integration with Quickbooks in the future but this is still something within our Roadmap.
At this time Tide Members can benefit from alternative accounting software that is already compatible with the platform.

You may wish to contact Quickbooks again regarding this but unfortunately we do not have a further update on this currently.
We publish updates to the projects that we are currently working on via this board here.

I hope this helps.

Kindest regards,


I desperately need to get into my TIDE App and I have been blocked by the message this is not a valid mobile number. I have tried it with the 0 and without the 0 and am now getting a little frustrated. Please help me unlock the account. This started because it said my PIN was invalid, which I have not changed…


Hi @JdR,

I’ve replied to your message in the other thread :slight_smile:


I’m trying to connect my tide account with my Freeagent account and it’s being very problematic!
Can anyone help me who has similar issues please?
Kind regards,


24 hours ago I tried to set up an account and I have submitted additional information you asked for. The app is now stuck on the messages and I don’t know if I have an account with Tide.co or not. Can you help me?



I have lost my phone and need to access my account, how can I do this

this is quite urgent