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Good morning all,

I am sharing with you my recent correspondence with the Tide team, as I am recommending Tide members to raise and register their concerns about the treatment of Tide members to the Financial Ombudsman Scheme. Other banks have created a fair process of first come first serve on their webpages, so you make an application and each is dealt with in sequence, this is fair. With Tide the management team are preferencing key customers and are prioritising Tide members based upon a preference as decided by Tide management, this is basic discrimination. If a small business is treated unfairly and loses out under the scheme or the business receives no funds because other businesses are prioritised, this raises a claim for compensation with FOS.

What is clear is that this form of business discrimination means that some businesses are treated well and others suffer based on Tide Management preference, the Government Scheme was meant to be fair to all small businesses in need at this time and who qualify.

Tide email:

Further to my previous formal complaints registered with you for each of my 5 company accounts held with you which are not 'adjacent’businesses under the bounce back loan scheme. Despite numerous requests for clarification and an explanation as to why each of my 5 businesses have been discriminated against and are prevented from being able to apply with Tide for a Government Bounce Back Scheme, you have not provided any response, other then to say that I am on a list. So I am today registering 5 individual business complaints to FOS on the basis that your are discriminating against my 5 businesses in preventing them applying for the Government Scheme. It is neither right or fair that you are discriminating and applying discrimination in this manner. Other Banks have made an application available online for completion, this is a fair system, so that first come first serve. Tide on the other hand are acting in a clearly discriminatory manner which preferences other businesses on their portfolio in preference to my businesses, which consequently are suffering due to the lack of cash flow. It is both illegal and against banking rules to openly discriminate in this manner. In addition Tide has stated that funds with Tide may run out from the British Bank and this makes the discrimination more worrying as Tide is deciding which businesses should benefit from the Government Scheme and potentially which businesses should fail, this is unfair and bias. I will be asking FOS to consider compensation for each of my businesses should they fail to receive a Bounce Back Loan from Tide because Tide has chosen to preference other members over my 5 businesses which are suffering due to this discriminatory approach and application of the Government Scheme. The system being operated by Tide is not fair, is not equitable and is discriminatory in application.

It is neither equitable or fair to adopt a process that is discriminatory in application and that disadvantages SME’s which are not considered preferential by Tide management. This is a basic form of discrimination and as such the FOS should consider compensation for those that lose out as a result of the discriminatory application process undertaken.


I completely agree.

I will be following this post closely to see what kind of response they come up with.