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Please could someone at Tide tell me whether members who will not be considered for Bounce Back Loans will be notified in some way. I understand the finite resources available, I understand there is criteria Tide has in order to offer the loans given the finite resources.
I hope to be offered a loan, I fulfil the statutory criteria, I just want to know if there’s any way members who won’t be offered loans will be notified in a timely fashion so other business decisions can be made, i.e whether to fold or not.
Many thanks

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I have been askong the same question for two weeks and still no answer. Other than check our FAQs or you can apply at another bank. Do they not realise on order to apply with another bank we have to open up yet another account. My credit file will be full of searches for Bank Accounts. They need to tell people whats going on.

I strongly believe that it will be of the best interest of both tide and all customers of tide to be informed on time of they are not going to be given the loan. I strongly recommend that Tide should do the right thing as a business and company that want the best for their customers. They should be informing people who are not eligible for the loan or who they can’t give the loan on time. I hope to get a response soon

I have now been told i am 4700 on a list of 30.000plus

I asked for my position and I got a copy/paste reply about working on an automated system. I imagine you’ll be processed relatively quickly, in the next week I’d hope!
I joined the list on the 15th. When did you join if you don’t mind me asking?

Hi Gnash i applied on the 15th and I’m postion 30,940 yikes looks like I’ll be waiting a while.

In tides FAQ bounce back loan section on the app they state the following : If you need to know your position right now, we can tell you. Message our Member Support team via your Tide app. As you can imagine, we’re getting many more messages than normal right now but we aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

It took 2 days for me to get my position number. I first received a generic response , then i replied quoting the above and get a response , with my position number, within 10 minutes .

Good luck mate.

I got told i was 28,400 on the list and i signed up pretty damn early. Not happy :unamused:

Thursday i was on position 31653!! but today I’m now on 38047!! so not sure this works??

Apparently rhere are two lists aswell. One with the definitely getting it people and one that is mixed. Its a joke

I have had several different positions … and at the end if it all i am told i am exactly where i was on monday … however wait for the best part!!..

“Dont worry the number we have given you reflects the position you were in when you joined the list”

Complete and utter nonsense !!!

Hi all,

I am very sorry for the confusing messaging you might have seen but I’d like to confirm that we only have one waiting list and that we’re going through it as quickly as we possibly can - I have explained more on my post here 13.

I can assure you that delivering the scheme to our members is our number one priority and we continue to work through our list pending eligibility.

I’m sorry we are currently unable to provide you with a live update, however we are busy working on an automated solution designed to provide you with the ability to check your status.

Thanks again for your patience,

That’s interesting… Cos I registered day before you and my position is 37700…

I could have registered on 11th when they emailed about waiting list but ignored it as didn’t think waiting list means anything bar gauging the interest…

I get the feeling the position number doesn’t have much of a deciding factor on when, and if, we get made a BBL offer .

Maybe… maybe not… we don’t know… we can only speculate here.

There is 150ish days left for the scheme, so Tide needs to process over 250 loans daily (including weekends) for me to have a chance to get BBL offer from them…

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that we have been reading all your comments and have been taking your feedback on board. We have just published a new blog post which I’m hoping will answer all your questions about BBL. You can read it here 14.

I wanted to reply to the two main questions above.

How can I find out where I am on the waiting list?

The waiting list works like a queue, everyone who registers is listed in the order you signed up. We’re working hard to get through the list as fast as we can and we’ll contact you when you can access a Bounce Back Loan.

We’re building an online tracker so you’ll be able to easily review your status. We need to build and test this tracker system and we hope it will be live before mid June.

We’ve been letting people know their place on the list, however this is a manual short-term solution and many members have been asking for daily updates. This is causing delays in our response times and leaving members frustrated that we’re not going as fast as they’d like. You’ll soon be able to check your status with our tracker so it would be helpful if you could support us by messaging only with queries about using your Tide account or withdrawing your loan when we’ve offered one to you.

If I’m not eligible, will you tell me?

Yes – we’re working on this right now. We know this is important so you can make alternative plans if you need to. In the next two weeks, we’ll begin emailing members if we won’t be able to offer a Bounce Back Loan.

Thanks again for your patience,

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