A card designed around you


Yesterday we released a new, modern identity for Tide to mark our coming of age. We’ve announced a raft of new features, a new design, and a bigger persona but what’s a celebration without a card? Read about our new card design here.


Really interesting to hear the design process and choices behind this! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Ooh, that looks really nice. Any chance of existing customers getting a new updated card or is this only for new customers?


Hi Kenny, thanks for your great feedback!

If you want to get the new card, you can cancel and reorder through the More menu in the app.

However, please note that you won’t have a working card for 3 to 5 days while the new one is on the way.
I also just wanted to make you aware that ‘Founder Member’ is not on our new cards.

Let us know if you’ve any other questions :slight_smile:


The new design (and new card) are absolutely awesome.


A real pity that “Founder Member” won’t be on the very lovely looking new card. I thought I’d read on another post that this would always be on the card as a token of appreciation/recognition for early adopters… :frowning_face:


Hi Keith,

Thanks for your feedback!

Our Founder Members have helped us to shape and design the business Tide is today. Those members have all been key to our success and, to be honest, we couldn’t have achieved this much over the last 15 months without them.

We feel that where we’ve got to today is a coming of age for our business. And in line with that, new members who sign up will no longer be Founder Members.

Thanks for your amazing support Keith, you’ll always be a Founder Member :slight_smile: