3rd different Waiting list number....all going backwards


Sorry is it 399 or 3999?

  1. Sad right?


So how could they have lent out £50mill if they never got to #400 on the waiting list? £50mill should have covered the 1st 1000 on the list.
Did they just hand over money to their buddies at tax payer’s expense?


Hi @Newbielee, I just wanted to clarify that we have loaned £50M in BBLs to eligible members on our waitlist. After beta-testing our BBLS product with established Ltd members, the funds we have lent were administered on a first come, first served basis, as we worked our way through our waitlist.

Our waitlist tracker was built to allow members to view their own eligibility status and their waitlist position against our lending progress. This would save our Member Support agents valuable time, allowing them to answer more of our members’ queries rather than manually checking positions on the BBL waitlist. If the Government is able to grant direct access to funding for lenders, we’re ready to launch our tracker and lend at scale. We’re sorry that we weren’t able to launch this sooner.

@Pelican we built the tracker to enable a more efficient process for our members’ to check their BBL eligibility. The reason we were accredited and kept our waitlist open is because we wanted to support as many businesses as possible, and were hopeful we could secure the funding to do so. If the government is able to adapt the scheme to allow us to receive funding, then all existing waitlist positions will remain the same and we will continue to lend to eligible members in the order they registered their interest.

We’re not aware of any Tide staff or contractors, having received a Bounce Back Loan from us.

@monkamelvis we are truly sorry for the time you have waited and for not being able to offer you access to this loan. Our team has been working with a number of financial institutions to try to secure funding to lend through the scheme, but unfortunately we found out yesterday that we weren’t able to secure the funding we needed. We have exhausted the options currently available to us, but we sincerely hope that the government is able to amend the scheme to allow fintechs like us to continue lending.

I’ve just double checked and I can actually see that your waitlist position is 4745, which is why you won’t have had access to a BBL. I’m sorry for any miscommunication from our Member Support team, our agents did receive daily training but until our waitlist tracker launches it is a manual process to find our members’ waitlist position, and therefore open to human error. If the government is able to give us access to funding your waitlist position will remain the same when we restart our lending.


Let’s blame the government for not supporting Tide and their bbl fiasco!!!
You have no hopes of the government stepping in !!!
You created this complete mess now haven’t a clue how to get out of it without trying to bring in government support!!


So let me do some basic maths for you.

50m divided by 50k is 1000 loans.

As above a person 399 on the list doesn’t get one.

Absolutely full of crap. Hand picked customers. Prove to us all that you lent a single penny to anyone on the waiting list.

Lie after lie. I hope Oliver has the decency to resign from his position.



It is down right insulting to try and now flip this on its head and blame the government for a lack of funding. The failt for this lies firmly with Tide, not the government. You gained accreditation, kept taking on new account customers and adding e-mails to the waitlist without any more funding secured. You gave people hope, when there was none.

The simple fact here sits with that Tide has no more ability to provide loans than any other non bank institution. You have no banking licence, you have no credit creation ability. However, when customers sign up to your “banking” they are not warned that you provide no real lending or suppport facilities, they join and then they are stuck.

If we had not joined you and been with a high street bank instead, we would have had access to funding. Because we bank with Tide, many of our businesses will go bust. It is a simple fact.

Now you have a hoarde of angry members, with whom you have lost their trust and their respect.

To add insult to injury you are then sending surveys round in the evening offering a chance for £50 amazon vouchers, to gauge interest in some cooked up mentoring, online business directory scheme.

Honestly, the ideas coming out of Tide are like something from a first year undergraduate seminar at a former polytechnic or low level internship programme.

Added into this, when we do give any feedback at all, it is then totally ignored. For example, how can you file for the reverse charge of VAT through your online VAT mechanism? (You cannot, because those designing it don’t even have the first clue what it means).

We experience the wait of days and days for a response in the app. And we can never get through to you on the phone.

The worst thing is, we cannot then leave if we are disatisfied. We are absolutely 100% stuck.