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I have today had my 3rd different number on Tide’s waiting list.

I registered on 11th May, confirmation email received the 12th May.

*Waiting List position as of 28th May;
11544 -

*Waiting List position 12th June;
22781 -

*Waiting List position 6th July;
29741 -

What is going on Tide?

It is one thing to expect patience as you try to raise funds, but how can you explain or justify this level of treatment or service?

How can I have dropped 17,000 places?

NB - I tried to attach the screenshots showing this, however as a “new user” of this forum, i was limited to one attachment!

Liers mate. I’ve informed my mp. Who has promised me it will get looked into. I suggest everyone do the same enough is enough

I’ve been declined due to my BIC code which Tide have apparently taken to mean im a bank haha. I provide services to a bank. A friend applied and was accepted within 30 minutes today with Natwest. Losing patience and sleep. Have appealed but who knows when i will get a reply

I honestly don’t think think the numbers mean anything. I applied within minutes confirmation back 13 minutes after it opened for the waiting list. I think I was 14,000 odd. Seen loads of posts of people applying after and having lower numbers. That’s the reason why the tracker isn’t been released. Everyone would see the number v applied date would be a massive back lash. Me personally can’t see them getting anymore money to lend.

I joined the list on the 11th, recieved my confirmation the same day but got told i’m 24,950. My number hasnt changed once.
But i have seen a few people who joined after me but have lower numbers. Not sure if its just a mistake by tide though.

Thank you for sharing, @Chris83

I do completely understand how these different numbers can seen random and cause no small amount of confusion.

I can confirm that the waiting list is like a queue, and we are looking into it in order. As for the discrepancy in the numbers, multiple registrations into the waiting list would appear multiple times before we’re able to clear them. I know it might take some time for the team to get back to you, but please don’t hesitate to query them on this, they’ll be able to clarify for you with certainty.


A waiting list is actually that. In order of registered interest. If you register on the first day your number shouldn’t be greater than those on day 2, unfortunately this seems to be the case that the numbers are all over the place and later registered companies have lower numbers. That’s nothing to do with multiple registrations. If you registered on day 1 and you were number 1000 a company on day 2 shouldn’t be number 500. I think it’s truly time that some honest answers should be given. Middle of June was the tracking date. Next week is middle of July and it’s like nearly every employee of tide has left as it’s so quiet with updates businesses are going to the wall every day. Some of which could have been avoided if you said on day one 50m was all what was in the pot. People wouldn’t have joined the list they would have looked else where when there was a chance - that chance is pretty much gone.

I know that we’ve not been able to deliver on the tracking tool, we absolutely will own up to this.

Otherwise, the numbers provided via the waiting list are representative of the position that you’ve entered on, and we have not been updating them to account for delivered loans, or non-eligible members, or otherwise.

If there are any cases of human error where an incorrect number has been provided, we’ll absolutely look into them to clear the situation up.


Hi Obi,

I registered once, i received one email confirming this on the 12th May which i have already screenshot.

Your answer in no way explains how i have been given 3 different numbers that are dropping me down the waiting list at an alarming rate.

I did query the list number on each occasion - today i even requested this to be escalated to a team manager as i was raising a complaint- this was ignored and the conversation shut down.

Even if i had registered on multiple occasions surely there would be multiple numbers? Not one each time…and why would the lowest number, that i was given on the 28th May not be relevant any longer?

It feels like the numbers are being plucked from thin air and we are just left in limbo - forget bounce back loans this is objectively and independently appalling customer service.

I asked today and was told I’m not on the list, I have the email confirming I’m on the list, I’ve asked what will be done about this as I don’t want to just be added to the back of the list as was suggested, still awaiting a reply though.

I know it’s not your fault but owning up to something Tide failed on 3 weeks ago is not new news with regards to the online tracker. It’s a bit like getting a child to own up for eating chocolate when there face is covered in it.

Answer me this. And it’s not a difficult to answer.

The BBL waiting list opened at 6.45pm. At 7.00pm that day how many had registered. And every hour after that.

We’ve all had a confirmation email with the time it was registered.

Real information which people can relate to in open view for everyone to see. Hiding this information makes you look guilty of picking businesses to support.

If this very simple question can’t be answered then an online tracker is no where near ready.

Thanks for clarifying @Chris83

I’ll look into this and ask that the team look into the matter so we can clear this up with you, I completely understand how upsetting this must be.

@Jon22 I would assume that the issue in your case is that the team have referenced the email that’s associated with your account with us, which might differ from the one that you used to register your interest. Can you look into what email you used and let the team know?

@Newbielee I do appreciate the need for transparency. While I can’t provide you with the specific numbers, I will make sure to pass this along to the team.


Not that it matters now as me personally can’t see BBL being issued again through tide. But simply put there were people sub 1000 on the list which haven’t been offered loans which would have been the minimum number if every business took 50k. The only answers to that are as a business you’ve hand picked businesses or you simply haven’t lent a penny to anyone. It really is as black and white as that. The tracker was a simple attempt at buying time. Unfortunately due to the string of lies Tide will cost people there businesses, homes and very sadly probably people’s lives. The lesson to be learnt here is be honest which is something Oliver seems to have struggled with, using the same smirking picture on the final update was a real kick in the teeth to all those which ultimately pay his dividends.

The tracker was just a ruse to attract more customers so they can access the BCR fund. It’s starting to make sense now.

The whole thing has been a string of lies from the very start. I’ve held out in the vain hope that they were going to come good in the end but in my heart I’ve know this was going to be the outcome. Being honest with people in business is the most important factor in being successful. Unfortunately for me it looks like I’ll have to attempt to find a job as my business won’t survive.

I feel so sad and disappointed. i had my hopes raised to the highest knowing that i was #399 on the waitlist. Now i have to face the reality of being rejected everywhere even by my on bank. i wonder if i will survive this. So sad and heart broken.