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A CHAPS instant payment of £30,000 was sent to my account on Friday 29th May. It is now Monday 1st June and no money is showing in my account. Nobody is replying on the app so I now have no idea where this money has gone. The bank that sent the money have confirmed that it has left our account on their end. Where is my money? I need help urgently as this is every penny that I have to my name and it is basically lost.

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    Jun '20
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    Jun '20
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I feel sorry for you. I wouldn’t trust tide with anything higher than £3000. They probably flagged it for security and to prevent fraud. Worst case this will take a few months and it’ll be returned to the sender

Hi there, thank you for reaching out about this - I’ve just had a look into the matter.

While CHAPS payments are usually processed in the same day, this is only if they’re made before 3PM.

If they’re sent out after this time, typically they will get processed on the following working day, usually between 4-7PM. I’m glad to see that this was the case for this transfer, I understand how this must’ve been alarming.