24 HRS And Nothing


So Tide splurt all the nonsense about wanting to support SMEs through this difficult time … and they have failed to supply me with the most simplest of requests i.e. confirmation I’ve not applied or received a BBL with Tide. How difficult would it be … well I keep asking and no one is telling me why they can’t supply the information.

By the time I get the information (if I ever do - as I’m becoming increasingly concerned they won’t provide this now) - another day will have passed before I know whether or not the new lender of the BBL will supply me the funds.

Is this right? Am I overreacting to the incompetence of this company? Am I so stressed out because I’ve been waiting since May to secure the BBL, that I’m being harsh on Tide?

Why did Tide - reassure us that if we need this info they would supply it, no problem, and any issue like this would be treated as a priority. Is waiting 24hrs, and still unsure when I’ll get it, a priority in their eyes?

I gave them until 12 o’clock today to supply this information or I would be taking this up with the FCA, BBB, WatchDog, Rishi Sunak, my MP, TrustPilot & my solicitor. The time has passed and I am a man of my word.

I’m disgusted with Tide, and this level of incompetence. They should be ashamed of themselves. Considering the debacle of the BBL they should be bending over backwards to support those they couldn’t help - instead, they’re like Trump, a dangerous hindrance.


Haven’t they sent you an email yet??
It can’t be that difficult to send an email or am I missing something?


Nope - I’ve received nothing. I keep getting told ASAP, or, soon - but I’m not sure what ASAP, or, soon means in the Tide world.

If my business and family didn’t depend on this loan to keep my business going I would laugh - but at the moment i feel like putting my head through a wall - i think it would hurt less than the stress this is causing me.

I’m beginning to think Tide, can’t provide this information and i’m wasting hours chasing people and getting extremely wound up in the process


Hi there @pappadontpreach

Just to give you a bit of transparency in this, we absolutely will have a letter for you and other members that provide the confirmation that you need to seek out other lenders, in the event that your joining our waiting list becomes a prohibitive factor.

As with all such official documents, they do need to be prepared in such a way to cover any kind of detail that other lenders might need - we’re working on this and will reach out to provide it to you as soon as we possibly can.


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