20k payment came in, now frozen my account



I had a payment of £20,000 just come into my account . TIDE not allowing me to send money out of the account, its frozen my funds. My account is well run, for past 2 -3 years for good business. No reply back. I hope they instantly resolve this? And this is nothing to do with them holding onto money with upcoming coronovirus pandemic. That would be totally unethical. Businesses are going to struggle as it is, without this added stress. Once resolved, ill update you all. I will not let this matter rest until its resolved. I have messaged them and no reply yet. Beyond stressfull.


Hello LouLou! We are very sorry to hear the this has happened and we would love to assist you further. Could you please tell us your company name and one of our member support agents will be in touch shortly? Thank you!