1pm and still no response


My iPhone died yesterday and I had to transfer everything to a new phone. The Tide app somehow doesn’t work properly and the only thing I can do is use it to ask for tech support. I’ve left three messages and no one has replied yet.
Until this app issue is resolved I cannot pay my bills, staff, even check my companies account balance.
I trust that someone will read this and get back to me today as this is currently proving a major inconvenience.


Good afternoon,
I enquired yesterday as i was thinking of changing my mobile this weekend. This is what Obi said
1.Install the app on the device you want to use and boot up.
2. Select "i already have an account from the bottom of the screen.
3. Fill in the details the app requests, make sure to have your ID handy and to remember the email address thats associated with your account

Once the process is complete the app will be set up on the new device

Hope this helps Ploppy


Thanks. Yeah did all that yesterday… Still waiting…

at least George has replied to my support request ticket now and pushed it.


Thank you for jumping in and providing the steps @Ploppy

It’s much appreciated, account recovery seems like the correct thing to go through in this case.

@Aforrest Thank you for being patient with us while the team performed their checks, I’m glad that the team were able to address this for you, if you’re having any further issues do let me know and I’ll look into it.