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Invoicing: Sending invoices Tide's invoicing tool enables you to generate and send customised invoices. Payments & Transactions: Making payments Faster Payments can be made through the Tide app with the <strong>Make a payment</strong> feature. Invoicing: Paying an invoice To pay an invoice from a supplier, you can upload the invoice to Tide. Tide will parse the information from the invoice document and prepare a payment for you. Invoices must be in .pdf format. Your Account: Setting up your account Setting up a Tide account is quick, easy, and typically takes five minutes. Support: Tide member support The Tide team is here to address queries and provide support at every step of your Tide journey. In this section, we cover channels the through which you can get in touch with the Tide team: Table of Contents Our Guide to Tide is here to help you make the most of your Tide account, with step-by-step guides for the various features within the app. Support: Terms & Conditions You can find the Member terms <a href="">here</a> and the Account agreement <a href="">here</a>. Payments & Transactions: Direct debits Tide accounts support outbound Direct Debit payments, which merchants create (with your consent) in the normal way. Payments & Transactions: Categorising transactions Tide's categorisation tool enables you to keep track of payments and invoices, and helps classify transactions to meet accounting obligations. Tide remembers how certain types of transactions are categorised, and has the ability to auto-categorise similar transactions for you. Your Account: Managing your account You have the ability to manage your details and edit your information after setting up your Tide account. Invoicing: Your invoice template Tide allows you to edit your invoice template to streamline the process of sending invoices. You can edit your company details and add a logo which will appear on all <a href="">new invoices</a> sent from your Tide account. Your Account: Your Tide MasterCard As soon as you finish setting up your Tide account, we will issue your Tide MasterCard which can be used for in-store and online payments, as well as cash withdrawals. Your card will arrive within one week, and will be sent to your trading address. You can also order a Tide MasterCard for any additional current accounts you set up after your Tide account is created. Payments & Transactions: Expense management Tide has a number of functions to help with your accounting obligations. As well as <a href="">helping you to categorise transactions</a>, Tide allows you to add comments and photos to transactions (for example, a photo of a receipt) to help you keep track of your expenses. You can also export transaction data in .csv format that can be used with your accounting software.
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